What is Accelerated Learning? – THE latest buzz word in the education circle; among parents who want their children to excel in studies, and among students who want to learn easily and quickly achieve best results.

There is always a debate among teachers: What is the best teaching strategy? How do they become better trainers/teachers? How do students learn faster? All good questions, however, most of the time what is being neglected is that each student is unique, they have their own learning strategies. If they are able to excel in one subject or in one area, then they have the resources to excel in other subjects and in other areas of their life as well.

One of the best coaches (John – name changed) in the world was once talking about his school experience, and he said, ”I consider that many of those who taught me were well above average in their ability to teach, however, they could not connect with me, and could not facilitate my learning. I would personally have benefited from understanding the inner working of my own brain, and I would have benefited even more from my teachers understanding the inner working of my brain. As a student I was left alone to figure my own strategies to succeed in academic tasks, and understand what teachers were trying to say, which I could not connect with.”

Trainers are realizing that learning is at a crossroads, because there are moments in which a paradigm shift occurs and a new way of proceeding enables better results to be achieved through reduced effort.
So what is Accelerated Learning? Yes, it means exactly what it sounds like: to learn anything more quickly.

‘Accelerated Learning’, ‘Super Learning’, ‘Effective and Affective Learning’, is the usage of awareness of human behavior and the human mind to learn better. Over the years many techniques have been developed and added into Accelerated Learning to develop an approach which can be replicated by teachers, trainers, students to enhance the learning process.

All accelerated learning techniques work in a variety of ways to increase interest, engage various part of the mind that often switch-off when someone is bored. Neuro Linguisitic Programming (NLP) is notable for its added ability to set the ‘Emotional tone’ of a roomful of people and to enable individuals to alter their own ‘Emotional state’.

Accelerated Learning is useful for children to facilitate their own learning style using powerful Accelerated Learning techniques, which are combination of:

Cognitive Psychology,

Mozart Effect / Beta Waves,

Thought Mapping,

Whole Brain Learning,

Brain Gym, and

Creative Thinking