Accelerated Learning Practitioner – This 6 day program is designed to help teachers and trainers design accelerated learning programs for their students and trainees. It gives you detailed knowledge on what are the types of learners and how can you create training programs to cater to the various types of learners, what are the techniques that aid in the process of learning, NLP techniques that makes you an effective learner, make learning more fun and long lasting. It is a whole brain learning system using both the hemispheres of the brain.

Who will benefit?

Teachers/Academicians working with students, Trainers who need to design various programs for a wide range of trainees. Their main aim is to make learning more fun and faster.

The results will be for all to see as students/trainees not only enjoy the sessions but also retain the learnings through these sessions and look forward to more such enjoyable learning sessions.


Accelerated Learning Practitioners have the option of taking up a franchise for SOAL, under which they can run programs for Teachers, Parents and Students. Want to make a difference? Contact Now!