Welcome to School of Accelerated Learning

Become a Certified Accelerated Learning Practitioner, and licensee with School of Accelerated Learning

To become a full licensee you must:

  • Be highly motivated to achieve.
  • Be prepared to take massive action.
  • Passionate to work with children.
  • Be accountable for your career growth.

Pre-requisite and fees:

  • You need to attend our 6 days Certified Accelerated Learning Practitioner and Coach Program.
  • Pay the required Franchisee fee.
  • Franchisee fee is INR. 25,000/- one time, and yearly INR 10,000/- maintenance fee (Paid at the start of the year), for first three years, after that it will be INR 15,000/- yearly maintenance fee.
  • 100% profit goes to Franchisee (You), and we will continue to provide you the branding and copyrighted training material, tools and techniques, as and when they are revised.
  • Franchise terms and conditions will be revised every three years, but Franchisor has the sole rights to bring in a change at any point.
  • Franchisee has to abide by the ethics and values of School of Accelerated learning at all times. If Franchisee is found engaging in any activities which are against the Franchise ethics and values, Franchisor has the rights to terminate the Franchisee at any point.

As a Franchisee owner you will receive

  • Copyrighted course material which you can use in your trainings
  • Business Cards templates
  • Marketing flyers
  • Invoice templates
  • Usage of our logo (and marks ‘School of Accelerated Learning’)
  • Digital Branding support from our main soalearning.in site