Welcome to School of Accelerated Learning

Our Vision – The School of Accelerated Learning has been founded with the vision to spread the whole brain learning system among the enthusiastic learners be it children or adults. Over the course of our trainings we ensure that you will embark on a profound journey of self-development and self-discovery. To have in place what it is that is required for them to excel in all fields of life. With an intention, to make a difference in the way children learn, we have designed programs for the development of teachers as well as parents as they play a huge role in the way children grasp or understand knowledge. Hence, our programs are comprehensive in terms of making a difference to a child’s life from all the areas that create an impact on their learning.

Our Mission – Facilitate the learning process for children as well as adults, to learn faster – in ways that is meaningful to them by utilizing their own internal resources.

Core Values

  • Participant Focus!
  • Innovation!
  • Ethics and Integrity!