ParentsParenting is an ongoing process, right from the day your child is born until the day your child becomes independent or moves out of home, it’s a continuous learning for parents to learn effective ways of dealing with the changing needs of your children. There is no degree program available to certify parents as effective or successful Parents.

This program spread over 2 days or 16 hours, is designed with an aim to equip parents with the effective ways of communicating and handling the various challenges while dealing with their children. Parents will also learn techniques to maintain their state of mind, gain clarity on their parenting goals, learn to have a satisfying relationship with their spouse which in turn reflects on their children too, deal with their own emotions effectively, learn to deal with conflicts they may encounter while dealing with their children. They will also learn accelerated learning techniques that facilitate whole brain learning to help their children in their studies.

Learn the art of effective parenting through NLP. This program will empower you to be an effective parent who can sail through the challenges of parenting with a smile.


This program can be customized based on the parents availability and their requirements.