Students – The NLP program has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of various age groups of students. Hence, we offer the following programs for students which is a blend of emotional (NLP techniques), academic (Accelerated Learning techniques) and social awareness. We run these programs for a period 2 hours per week for a duration of 12 weeks or it can be customized as per the students requirements.

  • Unleash your inner potential – 6-11 years
  • Road to success – 12-17 years
  • Shape your future with confidence – 18-23 years

Give your child the gift of emotional well-being at a young age and see the difference in their creativity, problem solving skills, decision making skills, confidence. Notice the way they are able to handle failures, rejections, disappointments in a much more positive way. Notice how they shine through the crucial stages of their life.

These programs can be implemented in schools and customized to fit in to their curriculum.